We provide logistical support to elderly people in Liberia

Revive Liberia Missions

The "Old Folks" Home

What we are doing

Several years ago God blessed Revive Liberia through the kindness of a man who donated property to our mission. The property, which eventually became our headquarters in Liberia, contained a government built home for the elderly and disabled. The home was established and then its inhabitants were, more or less, forgotten by the government.

We saw an opportunity to help the members of the home and over time have provided them with food, beds, chairs and other conveniences that most Americans take for granted. God has used Revive Liberia to bring much needed aid and comfort to people who had little more than a roof over their heads before. Many of them had no family or other means to survive and had to beg for sustenance to live. We have been able to provide relief to them and show them that there is a God who cares about them.

                                          old folks home
                                                            Home member receives aid.

Support is needed in the form of funds to purchase basic necessities for these people. Food, clothes, furniture and other basic items are badly needed. Revive Liberia operates without an overhead. All donations of money and equipment go directly to Liberia to assist Liberians. If you are interested in donating to this ministry and would like more information follow the "Contact Us" link on the left side of this page where you will find email and telephone information for Phil Eckert.