We're providing Liberian children with a Christian based education

Revive Liberia Missions

Teacher Support Program

How the program works

Revive Liberia facilitates the sponsorship of teachers who work in the several schools that we have created in Liberia. These men and women are doing much needed work for little or no compensation. Some of our teachers have taught for years with no sponsor

                                          old folks home

The cost of sponsorship is $40 a month. As a sponsor, you are responsible for sending your teacher the monthly stipend while Revive Liberia ensures that the teacher receives the money. Fortunately, Revive Liberia is operated by volunteers so it has no overhead. Thus, all of every dollar that you provide for your teacher goes to your teacher. There is hardly a better way to invest your money in the well being of those in need or in the cause of growing God's church in Africa.

As in schools in early American schools, the children are taught to read using the Bible as their primary text book. In communities that have a local muslim population, our schools have been filling up with muslim children whose parents want their children to have more opportunity than is typical of that offered by muslim schools.


It is possible for sponsors to develop lasting relationships with their teacher. The program allows for people like you and I to use a portion of what God has provided us to help others directly. Your partnership with a teacher in Liberia has the potential to bless many lives and do great things in Arica.

If you are interested in sponsoring a teacher and would like more information follow the "Contact Us" link on the left side of this page where you will find email and telephone information for Karen Eckert, who oversees the school portion of our ministry.