Your donations go a long way

Revive Liberia Missions

Why Donate?

What we provide

Since its inception Revive Liberia has provided Bibles, motor vehicles, building supplies, computers, clothing, saw mills, generators and hundreds of other supplies needed to support our operations in Liberia. We facilitate, through our support programs, the support of pastors and teachers by donors like yourself. God has blessed us by providing for us

Likewise, we believe that having a conduit where your funds and material donations go directly to help people in need is a blessing provided by God to you. Revive Liberia takes no credit for the part we play in providing this conduit. Our goal is to serve and we understand that our service is dependent upon God's willingness to provide towards our efforts.

Why should you give through Revive Liberia? There are several reasons that you should...

1. Your donations are used in a manner that promotes and biulds God's church in Africa. Our pastor support programs are enabling people to go out and spread the word of God throughout Liberia. Our schools teach children tenets of the Christian faith while learning to read and write.

2. Revive Liberia operates without an overhead. All donations of money and equipment go directly to Liberia to assist Liberians. Few charity or mission groups can provide such an opportunity to people who are willing to give and help others.

3. Through our pastor and teacher support programs you have an opportunity to develope a relationship with the person you are supporting. You will receive quarterly reports from your charge to keep you up to date on their work.

If you are interested in contributing to this ministry and would like more information follow the "Contact Us" link on the left side of this page where you will find email and telephone information for Phil Eckert.