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Revive Liberia Missions, Inc.



Current Projects

Revive Liberia has embarked on an ambitious agenda to provide humanitarian aid in line with our New Missions agenda.  We are committed to helping the Liberian’s help themselves by providing seed money and technical expertise.  Below is a partial list of some of our ongoing projects and a short description of each.  If you are interested in any of them, please contact us for more information.

Doors– We have established two centers to build high quality exterior doors for sale on the world market.  We have established a small low impact lumbering operations to supply wood to two workshop/schools to build the doors.  The schools are run by master craftsmen.  Revive Liberia has provided saws, seed money, tools, building materials and technical expertise.  All profits are used by the mission for humanitarian and spiritual aid.

Sawmill- Christian Aid Ministries donated a Peterson Sawmill to us for use in our door project.  Training is underway.

Computer School/Internet Cafe   Our first internet cafe and computer school opened in April 2007.  Another was established in July in Ganta, a booming border town of 150,000.

Clinic We are in the process of raising funds to start a clinic in Monrovia with branches in the interior.  Most of the initial planning is complete.

Pool Covers  Used swimming pool covers make great roofs.  Used under traditional thatching, they will last indefinitely. We are collecting and sending used covers to Liberia.  Future plans include a micro-factory to cut them up and sell as truck covers to raise funds for workers and further import.

Micro Loans  We have a small micro-loan program for entrepreneurs.  We are in our second year.

Solar Wood Dryers  We have designed and built solar wood dryers that use no electricity.  Plans are available and funds are needed to build more.  We can construct one for under $300.

Charcoal Retort  We have designed and built pilot plant charcoal maker that can produce charcoal (used for cooking all over Liberia) in one day as opposed to one month.   Plans are available and funds are needed to build large scale retorts in Liberia.  We can construct one for under $2000.

Christian Entertainment Center  This is a joint venture to build an entertainment center including internet cafe, computer school, movies, civic center and church.

Water  We are installing water purifier systems and pumps in Monrovia, Buchanan and a mobile system in the interior to make clean drinking water.  Thousands will now have clean water.  Goes on-line in November 2007. 

Basic Utility Vehicles  Our first BUV will be in-country in September.  Plans are to start a micro-factory in Liberia in late 2008.

Colleges We currently have a working relationship with Liberian Christian College.  We have given them a computer system with server and 25 work stations.