Donation Journal 2005


Revive Liberia Missions, Inc.
A Journal of Both Material and Financial Donations Made Possible Through the Efforts of Revive Liberia July 2, 2005


  1. Computers. Several churches, media houses, schools, individuals, etc. benefited from our free computer supply program, pertinent among them was the Vice President of Liberia who received a set of computers (Pentium 2). We have plans to open two computer schools next by God?s grace. One in Monrovia and the other in Buchanan. We still need computers (P 2,3, etc)
  2. Used Clothing. Our used clothes distribution focused on those who live up interior where we gave clothing to over 22 villages. We are still soliciting help in this direction. More villages need to be covered.
  3. Chain saws. Our donors sent us five chain saws which we divided among five of our fourteen churches. Presently the saws are being used to rebuild churches, villages, etc. More chain saws are still needed. Remember us in your prayers.
  4. Bicycles. The bicycles we received were all distributed among some of our pastors. These bicycles are helping a lot through village to village evangelism. The rest of the nine pastors are in dire need of bicycles to help in their ministry.
  5. Metal sheets (zinc). We have sent several metal sheets to the villages for their own construction purposes. Several of our churches also received their share. We used 6 ? bundles of metal sheets to roof the pastor?s house on the compound of the Unity Baptist Central Church.
  1. Books?The donations of books received has been decided to be placed in our mini-school library.  More books are needed as we enter the new school year.
  2. Car (Sedan)?This was one of the greatest helps that our ministry ever received.  The car is being used to visit members, go places for ministry work, etc.  The Sable Mercury is an asset to my ministry.  Now that we have a sedan, we need a pick-up truck or bus for our interior ministry.  Please make this your prayer concern.
  3. Funds?The donations received in cash help a lot. They pay family medical bills, my children?s school fees, gas for the car, spare parts for the car, gassing and servicing the generators, food, etc.  In Africa, the Pastor is considered the provider for the members and others.  When members are hungry they rush to the pastor?s house, when they have pressing needs they believe the pastor is financially strong to handle their case.  It is therefore my prayer that friendly churches and individuals give financial support to this ministry so that we will be efficient to serve our people thus strengthening the testament of Jesus Christ.


Requests?More things are needed. Please consider donating the following:


Mimeographing machines

Photocopiers and supplies


Sewing machines

Manual typewriters

Laptop computers


Guitars and other musical instruments


Portable pianos

Ice boxes



Amplifiers and public address systems

Chain saws

Metal roofing

Used clothing and shoes

Hand tools

Gardening tools.



Faithfully Yours;

Peter Gebeor

Pastor, Unity Baptist church, Monrovia, Liberia