Goals After 2004

Mission Goals

Revive Liberia Missions, Inc.


After a short mission trip to Liberia in February, 2004, we discovered a tremendous need among the people of Liberia for our prayers, our support and real physical needs.  These needs are ongoing.  The country has seen a terrible civil war for the past 18 years and basic services and means of livelihood have been destroyed or diminished.  Through these terrible times, the Christian community has remained strong and has grown in numbers and faith.  As Christians and citizens of the world, we feel the need to help our brothers and sisters in Liberia regain their lives, their work and their hope for a greater future.  They need our help.

We believe that it is through the love of Jesus Christ for all His children  that our goals will be accomplished.  The church is the Body of Christ in our time and we believe that the Church will provide for those in the Body that are in need.  For this reason we put primary emphasis on planting churches in the interior of the country where the most destruction during the war occurred.  The church becomes the center of the village for the needs of the people and education of their children.

In addition we realize that providing jobs for an economy with an 80% unemployment rate is critical for the people to survive and grow.  To this end we establish working partnerships between Liberia and the world to increase employment.  All profits are returned to the poor of Liberia.  

Liberia needs our help to get back on it’s feet.  Will you help?