Newsletter 2013


May 25, 2013

News from Phil Eckart (President of RLM)


Dear friends of Revive Liberia,

It is an exciting time in the history of Revive Liberia. So much is happening! It is both a joyous time and a sobering time when I see the hand of God moving. Joyous because I feel blessed just to be counted worthy to serve the living God and to see my feeble efforts being magnified. Sobering because I realize the scope of things is so much larger than I can think to imagine, and yet He has seen fit to use me and RLM. It’s sobering to think that I might unwittingly get in His way, or worse, take some credit for what could only be done by Him. We should always remember to pray for wisdom while caretaking the little corner of His vast empire that He has assigned us to.

Our pastor support program is becoming wildly successful! New doors are opening for us in new places inside Liberia. It is becoming increasingly obvious that we have been blessed with true men of God in our ministry. These Liberian pastors have sacrificed so much for


Pastors Sebald, Yates, and Frog

sebald gardeningPastor Sebald Farming

cassava fieldCassava Field

blessed assurance ministriesBlessed Assurance Ministries

school roomSchool Room

after a fire
Muslim Village Damaged by Fire  

beach front propertyBeach Front Property Recently Donated to the Ministry

Recently Purchased Woodmizer Mill
Destination: Liberia  


Loading of Cargo Container Bound for

Liberia (Aug, 2010)


House For Sale Adjacent to Our Beach Property

masn cutting coconut

Man Cutting Coconut