Old News Letter


Dear friends of Revive Liberia,
  Thank you so much for your prayers! Our recent trip to Africa could not have been more productive for the time spent there. I have no doubt that this was due to the many prayers that you sent up for us. There is so much to report. Progress is being made on all fronts. There is so much to report, I will try to mention most of them in brief.
  First and foremost, church building. Satan must be licking his wounds. Most of you know, due to recent developments, that two of the pastors we support were removed from their churches. This was because they were honest men and refused to sigh a false document stating that they had received all their pastor support. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, pastor Isaac Glaybaugh has a new house and church! I visited them while I was there. Many church members came to meet William and I. There was a short thank you service. The most touching thing was Isaac’s wife and mother in law thanking me and you all for a place for their children to live. This was done in the Bassa language and I was nearly moved to tears. Harris Yates has moved his church to an old sawmill building temporarily. God is moving. His little flock is nearly 150 now on Sunday morning. Our home church, Owen Valley Christian Fellowship is doing a fundraiser soon to build him a new home. Watch our web site for pictures soon on all this.
  We received wonderful news about two areas that have been recently recovered from the clutches of Satan. A young man who was a friend of some of ours from before Revive Liberia existed has been given a very important post in a world wide Christian charity. He is responsible for building 250 churches in Liberia in 2008 alone. His organization has agreed to build two churches for Revive Liberia! These are two areas that have agreed to turn to Christ if a church would be built there. Both have been deeply involved in witchcraft and have never known the power of the Author of Life. This young mans name is Thomas. Other people in his position throughout Africa are calling him for advice. Please pray for Thomas as God is using him powerfully to change Africa.
  One of our water purification systems is up and running. Pure water is being produced every day except Sunday. The system works great and we have been blessed with a chemist there that is in charge. The BUV has become invaluable in this work. Since the water cannot be sold ( for a nominal fee) right at the site, it must be transported. The BUV has also been used for many other purposes such as helping with moving lumber for the door makers. At this point the water is being sold at a small loss of total operational costs. Certain times are set aside for free water to the community.
  The door project is coming along fine. Around 65 doors have now been completed. We think around 80 doors will fit, along with accompanying frame lumber, into our 20foot container. The container is at the site now. They are beautiful! Put your order in now ( and if you call in the next 15 minutes, we’ll throw in – oh, sorry). The craftsmanship is world class with a hand made look. They will be pre hung, fitted with glass, if necessary, and finished over here.
  Joni and Sarah worked hard on laying the ground work for our first clinic. They visited the spot where the need is greatest and did survey work. Another NGO ( outside the U.S. this is how all charity groups are identified, non governmental organizations ) may grant us money to build it. The site chosen is a former refugee camp where there is virtually no medical help. Mark and Joni are working hard on this grant. We visited one clinic given one of these grants and were amazed.
  God has done another miracle with our sawmill operation. As many of you know another NGO gave us a $22,000 saw mill made in New Zealand. Because they did not know anyone qualified to use it , it remained idle. As our Lord would have it our friends at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Muncie Indiana knew a man who used to sell them and has one at home. He paid his own ticket and went to train our men on the mill. This happened earlier this month. The next problem was where to find the logs. We do not have access to equipment to haul them out of the forest. Now for the third miracle! One of our Alive Liberia board members, Ruth Caesar, ( head of the disarmament commission in Liberia ) had to leave for an important government meeting while attending our meeting. Just after she left her government meeting was cancelled. Upon returning she heard us fretting over where to saw logs. Suddenly she became excited and spoke of the many logs just laying along side the road in Sinoe, one of Liberia’s county’s. They were widening the road and there lay, mahogany, louvwae, tetra, and other exotic African hardwoods. We are now talking to the local authorities about securing them, praise God. This could go a long way in financing many of our operations in the country along with providing lumber for the door project.
  The quality of our leadership in Liberia is second to none. The organizational structure that has been set up is talented and sound. I attended several meetings on strategy and planning, goal setting, and executive board decision making all done within an organized framework. We are getting financial reports back on a regular basis. Everyone is giving much now to prepare for the future. The carpenters and carvers are working for little or nothing, believing in our cause and a brighter future. Please pray for them as they are sacrificing much to make this work.
  Our mission car, a Nissan Pathfinder ran great. We did have to repair it due the jungle trip Mark and I made in October. However once fixed it did well. Improvements are everywhere. The new president is doing a great job of fixing the roads. Road construction is everywhere you look, street lights are working and the general atmosphere is much more relaxed. Karen, Comfort Sawyer, Ruth Caesar and friends worked on a school in an area desperately needing one. It appears that Prince may have found a sponsor, one of the selfless men we have held up in prayer. I interviewed Collie from the blind association. We have helped them as much as possible. Help may be on the way for his group also.
  Our friends at Mission Harvest have sent their first container. They have a heart for Liberia and plan on many more. Our truck was on this first one. We were able to help with putting them in contact with Richmond Cole, an honest and able man and the one to have opened one of the areas for I mentioned for Christ. Richmond found a secure area to unload and keep containers coming from Mission Harvest.
  A business plan was dropped off at another NGO from America concerning the manufacturing of BUVs in Liberia. This group specializes in small manufacturing and small micro loans for people using Christian principals. The BUVs could literally change the third world. Look at the link on our web site for them and pray for Will Austin and company.
  An old NGO in Liberia is letting other NGOs use their property to live in if improvements are made to the property. It is on the most beautiful beach front property I have seen in Liberia. The houses are literally on the beach. They are in various states of disrepair. As long as the NGO that fixes up the house stays in Liberia working for the Lord it is theirs. This could be a short or even long term answer to our headquarters problem. We need a good place for our visiting guests from America. We are applying now. As usual our executive director knows theirs. William Kangar knows someone everywhere.
  Our legal battle has taken a new turn. Due to an odd set of circumstances the president of Liberia’s very close lifelong friend over heard a conversation concerning our legal problems. The friend told her that evening and the president was very upset. So now the nations leader knows of our trouble and things are apparently taking a new turn.
  We at Revive Liberia want to be known for three things. First, for the propagation of the Christian faith and conducting ourselves accordingly. Secondly, to be known as an organization that works with other Christian groups in using each others strengths to advance the Gospel. And thirdly, to rely only on the Lord for the advancement of our cause. We believe, in this vein that God has directed us to use the modern model of equipping the Christians of Liberia in being self supporting. Our business projects in Liberia are meant to be an evangelism tool and one to show self reliance. We are almost over the hump on our door and sawmill projects. Many thousands have been spent to lay the ground work for Revive Liberia to generate money in and of itself. We have big plans for such a small start but we know what the Word says. Psalm 24:1 The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world and all who live in it:  We are at a crossroads now. We have but a small donor base. Our funds are exhausted. We badly need around $6000 to get the first shipment of doors over here. Once we start selling them things should go much easier. We never want to rely on the plans of mice and men but we believe this is the Lords direction for our ministry. If you have interest in what we are about and have never given this is the perfect time. We believe the Lord will provide.
  One last request, we have bought and paid for two chain saws, around $3000, and around  another $3000 in labor costs for some lumber in Rivercess County. Our men our going to retrieve it tomorrow. Our adversary is also going into the bush apparently to stop this tomorrow. We have a legal document from the Liberian government stating that the property is ours. Please pray that all goes well and there will be no problems.
  Thank you all again for all your prayers and support of many kinds. God bless you.